Monday, September 17, 2012

Weigh In day... Week 4 and Multiple Personalities

Okay.... before I get to this week's stats (trust me... they aren't exciting) I want to address something that was brought to my attention this weekend by
my better half.  
Apparently I have multiple personalities.  One that he sees on Facebook that is happy and positive and then the other personality that he sees and deals with at home in REAL LIFE which is not so positive and not always happy.  So.... I guess what I want to share and get feedback about is ... I am NOT "Patty Peppy" like I must come across like online for my husband to say this.  More I am guessing like "Negative Nancy".  At first I was super offended by this but then the more I thought about it the more I became sure that I'm not the only one like this. It must bother my husband enough to say something or he wouldn't have said it but let's face it....
Most of us don't go online to groan and moan and complain all the time when we are struggling with personal issues right?  And we most certainly DON'T air our personal dirty laundry although I have plenty of friends that I see do this and they are okay with it.  It's just not me.  I guess I feel like most people want to hear about the "fun and happy" stuff right?  So my life online might seem flawless and perfect and AMAZING.  But that's just not the reality. 
I have an insane amount of struggles and personality defects.  Sometimes I'm shocked that my husband has stuck by my side the last 4 years.  I've dealt with some incredibly difficult things. But the last thing I would want anyone to think is that I have a "perfect life".... but what is that really anyway?  Who defines the word perfect?  I'm not sure.... I don't care really... I am grouchy to my family a lot.... they deserve more.  And I obviously have some more changes to make but my life will never be perfect by most people's standards I'm sure. 
But I still love it.  And I'm blessed with the people I have in it.   
Okay..... I'm stepping off that soap box now.... Sorry! LOL
Here's the dreaded photo for this week's weigh-in.  I didn't budge an inch on the scale.  NOT GOOD.  Time to get serious about the diet and eating side of all this.  I could have literally reposted what I said last week and it would have applied exactly the same.  I guess I shouldn't expect to eat pizza, or fried foods or drink empty calories and still lose weight.  Even if I AM exercising every day.  I pretty much ate what I burned off.  NOT condusive to progress.
On a "Peppy Patty" note.....  here's to a better week!


  1. I, too, am completely guilty of the multiple-personality thing!! I'm really trying to align my overall personality with the one I demonstrate online and at work -- the happy, optimistic, helpful one. But it's hard. I don't think I'm an optimist by nature, and the journey to become one deliberately has been slow and rocky!

    My advice for the diet portion of your weight-loss . . . is just to add healthy things in rather than deprive yourself of the not-so-healthy ones. (In my nutrition school, we call that 'crowding out'. Eventually, you'll like the healthy stuff more and lose your taste for the not-so-healthy things. Honestly!)

  2. My friend who gave up soda says the same thing as Leslie. If you just take more opportunities to drink water throughout the day, your body will start asking you for water more often than it asks for soda. Try keeping one of those fun insulated straw cups full of ice water where you will see it throughout the day and take a sip every so often. I try to only drink water before lunch and limit myself to one soda in the afternoon. Hopefully, soon I won't need the soda at all :/